SR on YouTube!

For a long time, animal rights groups have taken advantage of new social media tools that exist on the web. Their presence dominates and clouds the issue of animal research, meaning that individuals looking for information on animal research, find themselves faced “Vivisection kills”, “Stop Torture”. Pro-Test broke the mold by being the first group in support of animal research that took advantage of these new opportunities. Pro-Test’s Facebook page is a baker’s dozen shy of 3,000 members, and the group also has a presence on MySpace and Wikipedia.

Now it’s Speaking of Research’s turn to bring a fresh angle to the debate on animal research – YouTube. When you type “animal research” or “animal testing” into YouTube you get a torrent of animal rights videos, well this is only a start, but now we have at least one video providing the unclouded truth about animal research.

View on YouTube, or see it embedded below.

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I would like to thank Oregon Health & Sciences University for recording the presentation and sending me a DVD that I could edit into this piece.