The Animal Research War – Revealing the truth about Animal Rights Extemism

The Animal Research War exposes the tactics of animal extremists for what they are ‐ terrorism. The actions of a tiny minority have seriously set back the progress of research aimed at reducing the suffering of people and animals. It is time for scientists, patients and all who abhor the use of terror to stand up for the future of medical research.
‐‐ Dr. Colin Blakemore, former Chief Executive, Medical Research Council UK

Michael Conn and James Parker explore the history and progression of the animal rights movement in the US, in this new book.

For anyone interested in exploring the ideas behind animal rights extremism, this book investigates some of the main players in the animal rights movement. From Rick Bogle and Matt Rossell, to PeTA and the ALF, this book looks at the progress of these individuals and organizations, as well as many others. There is also some solid arguments on the importance of animal research scattered throughout the book. If you click on The Animal Model you will find an excerpt from the book detailing why we need to use animals to model diseases, using the example of AIDS.

The book is available on Amazon.