Speaking of Research – In North Carolina

I’ve been in North Carolina since Monday night, having already given a couple of talks at Duke University earlier today, and popped my head into an AALAS meeting. The reception has been warm at all events, with Duke going as far as to offer AALAS credits for any animal researchers, technicians and veterinarians who went to my midday talk (which was well attended – partly due to the AALAS credits on offer, partly due to interest in the talk, and partly due to the free cake!)

Tomorrow (May 14th), I am speaking in 3:30pm at the Molecular Biology Research Building, room 2204, on UNC Chapel Hill campus (see here). My talk will cover a number of areas, and I would encourage people to look at this lovely promotional piece, regarding my talk.

On a separate note, keep favoriting, and rating the Speaking of Research YouTube video, which has over 700 views (in 5 days) and is moving up the weekly “Top Favorite” and “Top Rated” awards for Videos in the Science and Technology section.