Speaking of Research in Science Magazine

Speaking of Research is going up in the world, having now made its way into the (joint) biggest Science Journal of them all (alongside Nature) – Science Magazine. You can download that SR article here. The article, in the Newsmakers section, puts Holder as this month’s “mover” – reporting on his efforts to bring the Pro-Test style movement to the United States.

At 22, Tom Holder is already a veteran of a U.K. student-led campaign to counter demonstrations and vandalism by animal-rights activists. Now he’s hoping to apply lessons learned from those battles to help scientists speak out about the benefits of animal research in the United States where attacks by animal-rights extremists have been on the rise.

Holder has been working hard with Americans for Medical Progress, who helped bring Tom to the US, to travel to Universities and other institutions around the country. If you would like to hear Speaking of Research at your institution go to our Request a Speaker page.

In other news, the Veterinary Benefits page (formerly Veterinary Treatments) has been updated. A surge of visits to the page caused us to give the page a makeover, and we thank the contribution of Dr. Arnold Goldman, DVM, Director of Canton Animal Hospital, for his help in improving the information available. So check that out and discover how animals used in research benefit not just people, but other animals as well.


Paul Browne