Teaching Children about the Brain

Dr Stacey A Bedwell is a postdoctoral researcher at Nottingham Trent University, whose work focuses on the prefrontal cortex of the mammalian brain. Dr Bedwell has previously written a guest post about the importance of animals in neuroscience for us. Stacey recent published a children’s book, How does my brain work, which takes readers through … Continue reading Teaching Children about the Brain

Animal Research – Interview Technique

I would like to share an old news debate on animal research between Simon Festing (Chief Executive of Understanding Animal Research) and Nicky Gordon (Dr. Hadwen Trust): There is much that can be learned from Simon's interview technique. Have information on the benefits of animal research readily to hand - Simon looked ready to list … Continue reading Animal Research – Interview Technique

UCLA Pro-Test – Coverage Review Day 18

It's been over a week since our last coverage update and there's been more news sources covering the upcoming rally. To kick off, the highly respected Nature journal included an interview (subscription needed) with David Jentsch, founder of UCLA Pro-Test. He offered an insight into his own research before mentioning more about the upcoming rally: … Continue reading UCLA Pro-Test – Coverage Review Day 18

Speaking of Research in UC Davis – A Review

On Friday 8th August I visited the California National Primate Research Center at UC Davis. The talk was well received with many leaflets about getting involved in Speaking of Research being taken by the audience afterwards. I had the pleasure of taking a tour round the Primate Center, where I was impressed by the lengths … Continue reading Speaking of Research in UC Davis – A Review

Speaking of Research in Science Magazine

Speaking of Research is going up in the world, having now made its way into the (joint) biggest Science Journal of them all (alongside Nature) - Science Magazine. You can download that SR article here. The article, in the Newsmakers section, puts Holder as this month's "mover" - reporting on his efforts to bring the … Continue reading Speaking of Research in Science Magazine