UCLA Pro-Test – Post-rally Blog Coverage

Well we've covered video coverage and print coverage of the Pro-Test rally, now onto the blogs. Before we get too deep into the UCLA Pro-Test coverage, many of the blogs, including the highly-read Pharyngula blog, have talked about the poll attached to the LA Times article. The poll has (somewhat suspiciously for both sides) attracted … Continue reading UCLA Pro-Test – Post-rally Blog Coverage

UCLA Pro-Test – Post-rally Print Coverage

Well we covered the video footage from major television networks, now onto the print media (and web coverage). Just in case you have been living in a box and want happened you can read our comprehensive report here. Also make sure you sign The Pro-Test Petition. Go on, do it now, then come back and … Continue reading UCLA Pro-Test – Post-rally Print Coverage

Speaking of Research in Science Magazine

Speaking of Research is going up in the world, having now made its way into the (joint) biggest Science Journal of them all (alongside Nature) - Science Magazine. You can download that SR article here. The article, in the Newsmakers section, puts Holder as this month's "mover" - reporting on his efforts to bring the … Continue reading Speaking of Research in Science Magazine