A Proposal for the Labeling of Medicines

In a recent poll conducted by Zogby, 2,100 adults in the U.S. were asked the following question. Do you agree or disagree with medical and scientific research that requires lab animals? The results showed  a similar outcome to that of other recent polls. About 52% of the population approve of animal research in various degrees, about … Continue reading A Proposal for the Labeling of Medicines

Animal Testing Poll – Let Your Voice Be Heard

The British broadsheet newspaper, The Guardian, has a poll on its website about views on animal testing - please go and show your approval for this important tool in the development of modern medicine: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/poll/2011/jul/14/animal-testing-research No need to sign up to vote, however you will need to if you intend to leave a comment as … Continue reading Animal Testing Poll – Let Your Voice Be Heard

Putting Public Polls in Perspective

Research!America, a not-for-profit public education and advocacy alliance, has been polling the public on their views on animal research for the last decade. In 2011, when asking whether people "believe the use of animals in medical research is necessary for progress in human health", found: At first, these results may seem positive - twice as … Continue reading Putting Public Polls in Perspective

Highlights from Nature’s Q&A

Today (about 5 minutes ago), Nature ran an online Q&A session on the subject of animal research to fit in with its latest special editorial on the topic. There was a lot of interesting background to the Q&A session in the latest issue including a the results of a poll of around 1,000 scientists. Over … Continue reading Highlights from Nature’s Q&A

Gallup Poll Puts Majority Behind Animal Research

Mixed news last week with the results of the latest Gallup Poll on the moral acceptability of medical testing. 2% more Americans believe that animal research is morally acceptable than in 2009 (with 2% fewer believing it is morally wrong). This is the second consecutive annual rise in support for this lifesaving medical technique. However … Continue reading Gallup Poll Puts Majority Behind Animal Research

UCLA Pro-Test – Post-rally Blog Coverage

Well we've covered video coverage and print coverage of the Pro-Test rally, now onto the blogs. Before we get too deep into the UCLA Pro-Test coverage, many of the blogs, including the highly-read Pharyngula blog, have talked about the poll attached to the LA Times article. The poll has (somewhat suspiciously for both sides) attracted … Continue reading UCLA Pro-Test – Post-rally Blog Coverage

Animal Research – Your Voices Heard!

I was recently contacted by a PhD student who was studying at the University of British Columbia (Canada). She is running a survey on people's views and reactions to animal research. So help a poor student out and show where out views on animal research are! Dear Reader Our group at UBC has created an … Continue reading Animal Research – Your Voices Heard!