New DVD shows how biomedical research can save your pet!

Americans for Medical Progress, whom Speaking of Research works side by side with, have just released a fantastic new DVD which looks at the impact of animal research on veterinary medicine.

The DVD follows four veterinarians; Marilyn Brown, Arnold Goldman, Lisa Portnoy and John Young, who lent their thoughts, hearts and voices in order to explore the humane nature and value of animal-based research to animal and human medicine. The DVD also follows the dramatic stories of some animals whose lives have been saved by treatments developed through biomedical research.

A clip from the DVD can be seen below:

Another story on the DVD is that of Duke, the research beagle who contributed to the development of the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Vaccine through his part in trials for the COPV (Canine Oral Papillomavirus) Vaccine. The HPV vaccine was given FDA approval last year and will soon be available to help many people around the world. Learn more about veterinary medicine.

The DVD is free of charge so order one now.