SR Outreach at Synapse Conference

An audience of approximately fifty students and faculty attended workshops on “The Future of Animal Research:  Ethics, Education, and Public Engagement” at the annual SYNAPSE meeting hosted this year at Wake Forest University. SR Committee member Allyson Bennett discussed current issues and public views relating to animal research, the importance of participating in public dialogue, … Continue reading SR Outreach at Synapse Conference

SR in Pennsylvania

October 21st - University of Pennsylvania I was invited to speak to the Lab Animal Club at the University of Pennsylvania, where I’d get the chance to interact with students working towards their qualificatioins in veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine is one of the core areas where the world of animal research and the world of … Continue reading SR in Pennsylvania

SR University Tour – 20th Oct – 4th Nov – Get Involved

Tom Holder of Speaking of Research (SR), will give presentations, participate in debates and/or meet with student groups over the course of the Monday 20th October to the Tuesday 4th November 2008. The first week (20th-25th) is likely to be spent in or around the state of California, where the issue of animal research remains … Continue reading SR University Tour – 20th Oct – 4th Nov – Get Involved