SR Outreach at Synapse Conference

An audience of approximately fifty students and faculty attended workshops on “The Future of Animal Research:  Ethics, Education, and Public Engagement” at the annual SYNAPSE meeting hosted this year at Wake Forest University. SR Committee member Allyson Bennett discussed current issues and public views relating to animal research, the importance of participating in public dialogue, and the many different avenues for outreach, education and engagement.  Bennett also shared the experiences she and her colleagues have had in developing the successful Wake Forest University Primate Center Outreach and Education Program.  The WFUPC program has provided opportunities for hundreds of NC students and teachers to visit the primate center, learn about research, and meet scientists, veterinarians, animal care staff, and other members of the research community.

Both students and faculty attending the SYNAPSE workshops expressed enthusiasm and interest in the growing nation-wide efforts to reach out to the public and speak out about the importance of humanely-conducted, animal-based studies for advancing scientific and medical understanding.   A number of them left the session discussing ways to increase outreach, education and public dialogue on their own campuses.

SYNAPSE is a one day annual conference that provides young neuroscientists with opportunities to share their research with students and professors from a number of southeastern colleges and universities. Among those schools are: Wake Forest University, the University of South Carolina, Davidson College, Francis Marion University, Appalachian State University, Furman University, College of Charleston, James Madison University, Emory University, and Winston Salem State University.

Many members of SR are involved in outreach. Please contact us if you are interested in having someone speak at your institution or conference,


Allyson Bennett

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