Now is the Time to “Speak of Research”

Over the past decades we have heard many warnings about the need for scientists to engage with the public.  Unfortunately, the bulk of the scientific community has largely ignored such calls. Fourteen years ago, in their book, “World apart: how the distance between science and journalism threatens america’s future”, Hartz and Chappell explained that  “at … Continue reading Now is the Time to “Speak of Research”

Waking up the Neighbors: A Neighborhood Response to Animal Rights Extremism

In previous posts, we've highlighted revolting new tactics by AR extremists, including the targeting of students and young scientists. Some animal rights extremists envision a future where the nation's brightest students and talented scientists must live in fear for the safety of themselves and their families.  As for what such war would look like, some of … Continue reading Waking up the Neighbors: A Neighborhood Response to Animal Rights Extremism

Obesity, Smoking and Addiction

Morbid obesity and cigarette smoking represent the two most substantial causes of preventable death in the Western world. According to recent estimates, about 1/3 of all adult Americans are morbidly obese (meaning that their excess of body weight is large enough that it causes illness or disability), and these numbers are increasing; approximately 15% of … Continue reading Obesity, Smoking and Addiction

Embracing the 3Rs

Guest post from Jayne Mackta, President of the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research, and CEO of Global Research Education & Training, LLC At NJABR’s recent Strategy Summit entitled Animal Research: Risks & Reality, keynote speaker Jerrold Tannenbaum cautioned the audience to be aware of shifts in language that have tremendous power to affect public perceptions … Continue reading Embracing the 3Rs

Pro-Test’s Pycroft still Speaking Up

Five years ago, a sixteen year old led scientists, students and members of the public in the first ever rally to support biomedical research. Laurie Pycroft shot into the media limelight as the boy who dared to stand up to animal rights activists. The Pro-Test movement he begun has helped to shape the public attitudes … Continue reading Pro-Test’s Pycroft still Speaking Up

Fish for Science

Back in February I wrote about the prominent  role of Zebrafish in the British Heart Foundation's Mending Broken Hearts campaign, an initiative that not only highlighted fascinating developments in regenerative medicine but also the degree to which the public attitude towards animal research has shifted in the past decade. One reason for the change in attitudes towards … Continue reading Fish for Science

Fostering a community response to threats against future scientists

This past week, Negotiation is Over posted on its website encouragement for a new tactic against animal research—targeting university students who plan to enter the health sciences field.  NIO illustrates its proposed tactic by telling of its first "success" story:  the coercion of a Florida Atlantic University science student away from a research career.  What … Continue reading Fostering a community response to threats against future scientists