A New Low at NIO: extremists threaten students

Earlier this week, the animal rights extremist group at NegotiationisOver.com posted an email they received from Alena - an undergraduate student at Florida Atlantic University - in response to their attempts to solicit local activists to attend an animal rights event: Actually, I’m an undergrad researcher aiming to work at Scripps [Research Institute]! I currently … Continue reading A New Low at NIO: extremists threaten students

SR in New Jersey

On March 18, 2011, the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research held a Strategy Summit in Newark, New Jersey. Academic researchers, industry scientists and individuals from the animal research regulatory programs gathered to share insights and perspectives on the challenges to animal-based research posed by the activities of animal rights activists and extremists across the … Continue reading SR in New Jersey

SR Outreach at Synapse Conference

An audience of approximately fifty students and faculty attended workshops on “The Future of Animal Research:  Ethics, Education, and Public Engagement” at the annual SYNAPSE meeting hosted this year at Wake Forest University. SR Committee member Allyson Bennett discussed current issues and public views relating to animal research, the importance of participating in public dialogue, … Continue reading SR Outreach at Synapse Conference

Mice help scientists to understand the cancer genome

Yesterday I wrote about how studies carried out using genetically modified mice had enabled scientists to understand the role of the protein BLyS in the disease lupus, leading to the development of a new treatment, and last year I looked at how such studies were helping scientists to identify key genes that are involved in … Continue reading Mice help scientists to understand the cancer genome

Taming the Wolf: a new treatment for Lupus

Earlier today we posted a commentary on PeTA's misleading propaganda by Professor Anthony Garro of UMass Dartmouth.   At the time I mentioned that it was a pity that Prof. Garro was not able to write more about the role of animal research in 21st century medicine, but a recent story in Nature News provides an excellent … Continue reading Taming the Wolf: a new treatment for Lupus

Professor Anthony Garro stands up for Science!

Last week Dario Ringach wrote on Speaking of Research about the morally repugnant arguments being made by PeTA ‘s Justin Goodman.  Dario was not the only one to find Goodman’s arguments unreasonable, yesterday SouthCoastToday.com published a strong commentary by Professor Anthony Garro of UMass Dartmouth, which he has kindly given us permission to post in full. … Continue reading Professor Anthony Garro stands up for Science!

Using Animals For Animals – Emma’s Story

The Foundation for Biomedical Research recently released a great video which shows how animal research can help animals. The video briefly describes how treatment for bilateral cranial cruciate ligament tears was developed through animal research. It is also worth noting that the surgical processes, developed through animal research, currently are in use helping both humans … Continue reading Using Animals For Animals – Emma’s Story

PeTA is morally blind

A recent OpEd by PeTA's Justin Goodman makes a direct comparison between the work biomedical researchers do with animals with past instances where human patients were subjected to experimentation without explicit consent, such as the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. The basis for such comparison can only on a philosophical position where there is no morally relevant … Continue reading PeTA is morally blind