Fostering a community response to threats against future scientists

This past week, Negotiation is Over posted on its website encouragement for a new tactic against animal research—targeting university students who plan to enter the health sciences field.  NIO illustrates its proposed tactic by telling of its first “success” story:  the coercion of a Florida Atlantic University science student away from a research career.  What NIO fails to disclose is that this student’s public statement was made only after  an intense 24 hours of threatening emails, phone calls and other forms of harassment by the group and its leaders.

Speaking of Research has posted its response to NIO’s violent urgings.  We invite you to visit the blog and to share supportive comments for the student who was targeted.Speaking of Research, Americans for Medical Progress, and Pro-Test for Science are working together to provide individuals and institutions with information and guidance on equipping students and scientists of tomorrow with the skills they need to confront threats from animal rights activists/extremists.  Please contact us if you are a scientist, research advocate, or representative of a research institution who would like to receive this information.

The experts at our three research advocacy organizations are available to you for suggestions on how your organization can effectively support those who are studying for careers in the life sciences.  Our websites offer many information resources and ideas about ways to get involved in the kind of proactive public education and engagement that is essential to building public understanding of the vital role animal research plays in scientific and medical progress. Through a policy of openness about your research – and the role it plays in advncing medicine – you can build strong relationships with your community and local news media, and in doing so help ensure that you do not become a target for animal rights extremism.

Please join us in standing against this current threat and those who would stop vital animal research.

Americans for Medical Progress, Pro-Test for Science, and Speaking of Research

Here are a few general online resources.  Contact us for more to meet your specific needs:

AMP—Research Facts
AMP—Advocacy Materials
SR—AR Extremism
SR—The UK Experience
Society for Neuroscience—Best Practices for Protecting Researchers and Research
AAALAC International—links on animal research
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