NIO keep digging in their moral hole

We recently blogged about the disturbing threats made by the Negotiation is Over animal rights extremists website.

Many science bloggers have joined SR in condemning their words. Janet Stemwedel (Ethics and Science Blog) ripped apart NIO’s tactics; Dr. Isis (On becoming a domestic and laboratory goddess) made a three point plan to defend scientists; and Earle Holland (On Research blog) reflected on Marino’s harassment of an FAU student. There were further posts from Orac (Respectful Insolence blog), Dario Ringach (on Opposing Views website)

PZ Myers (Pharyngula blog) sums things up when he says:

They’re quite proud of taking the unconscionably violent position. And now, just to show how low they can sink, they have announced a new target: our students

Notice that among the tactics they advocate are car bombs, injuries, and fear. These are home-grown terrorists, nothing more.

Sadly, after choosing to climb into a moral hole, NIO have chosen to keep digging.

If we tell a woman that it is unwise to walk down a deserted dark alley by herself because she risks being raped, it is an objective statement of fact generally offered as an expression of concern. When we educate vivisectors-in-training about the potential risks of taking an incorrect career path, we are again imparting objective information because we are concerned about their futures. Harrowing and intimidating as the thought of becoming another J. David Jentsch may be, it is a sobering reality — not intimidation.”

Marino and Grossman use the above flawed logic to defend themselves from the accusation of making threats. The problem with the analogy is it presumes that Marino doesn’t, in principle, care whether Jentsch is a vivisector – only that his job may be dangerous to him. In reality, Marino’s “objective information” is aimed to dissuade Jentsch from his current career. A more accurate analogy would be to tell a woman to quit her job or it is likely she’ll be raped. Less “objective information”, more not-so-veiled threat.

Of course, we are forgetting that many of Marino’s threats are considerably less ambiguous:

When we attack professors, we can only expect limited gains.

We need to instill a new mental image: car bombs, 24/7 security cameras, embarrassing home demonstration, threats, injuries, and fear. And, of course, these students need to realize that any risk they assume will also affect their parents, children, and nearest & dearest loved ones. The time to reconsider is now.

Note my highlighting of the use of “we”. This isn’t providing objective information, this is making direct threats.

Marino’s assault on students has been made before:

We must stand up, do whatever it takes and blow these f***ing monsters off the face of the planet. We must target professors, teachers, heads, students, investors, partners, supporters and anyone that dares to deal in any part of the university in any way. There is no time for debate and there is no time for protest, this is make-or-break time and from now on, anything goes.

These words are not from Marino (though you’d be forgiven for believing they were). Indeed they are not from the US, but the UK. Just over five years ago animal rights extremism was peaking in the UK. It was this threat on students that led the biggest pro-research backlash against animal rights extremism in the country (probably the world); a backlash that would help to almost completely obliterate the animal rights movement in the UK.

As one of the original members of Pro-Test, I can only urge all university members to support one another in defending the lifesaving research that is done by you and your peers. Speaking of Research promises to do anything it can to help university members to deal with animal rights extremism on their doorstep.




Marino has now gone completely bonkers (ok, maybe it’s not just a recent state of affairs). She has posted a message she wrote on Opposing Views (comments) and is now attributing it to Dario:

I, Dario Ringach, admit that Camille Marino threatened no one. My ghoulish peers and I simply assigned gratuitous inferences to her objective and truthful words in order to discredit the compassionate activists at NIO. I admit that I am the real terrorist. Each and every day of my miserable life, I evoke fear and terror in the nonhuman victims imprisoned in my nondescript dungeon at UCLA. My stock in trade — like every animal-abusing piece of degenerate filth in my illustrious community — is intimidation, fear, terror, sadism, and murder. I sometimes confuse compassion with terrorism. Please accept my humble apologies.

How far will her delusions take her (click to enlarge)?

What NIO might say tomorrow
Could this be NIO’s posting for tomorrow?

4 thoughts on “NIO keep digging in their moral hole

  1. Unfortunately Marino is more representative of the animal rights movement than one might at first think, if you visit her website you’ll find approving comments by folk such as Ray Greek who usually try to present themselves as the sensible face of the AR movement.

    The scientific community does need to support the people who find themselves under attack from NIO, because like all bullies they work by isolating their victims, and when facet by defiance backed by widespread support they rapidly loose their power.

    Camille ‘s comments about rape victims are shocking, in this scenario Marino are more like the bigots who blame any woman who fails to cover herself to their satisfaction for “encouraging” their rape. Actually it’s worse than this, judging by their other posts NIO would direct rapists to victims who dare to ignore their “advice”.

  2. Why do you place so much emphasis on the rantings of one woman who appears to spend all day in front of a computer? Camille Marino has no influence in the animal rights movement. She’s never held a protest that has attracted more than two people. I really think she would pull her hair out in frustration if the science blogs ignored her. Instead, this blog and others give her the attention she thrives on.

  3. It would seem that if anyone would benefit from drugs developed through animal testing it would be Marino. I don’t know whether to laugh at the sheer stupidity of her statements, or despair that psychopaths like her are allowed to walk the streets with normal people.

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