Winning at Science Communication: Bird brains, not bird-brained!

It can be a challenge for researchers to connect with the public about why the work they do with animals is important. It can be especially difficult to get the public to understand how humans can benefit from research with seemingly disparate species. Dr. Rebecca Calisi Rodríguez, professor of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at UC … Continue reading Winning at Science Communication: Bird brains, not bird-brained!

What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

A front-page story in Sunday’s Sacramento Bee, “UC Davis researcher suspended over animal care allegations,” is depressing reading for those of us who care about the importance of animal research. When animals are used in research, it has to be done the right way: humanely, thoughtfully, and following all the appropriate regulations. The hopeful side … Continue reading What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

Natural Antibiotic Casts a Net Against Bacteria

A "natural antibiotic" protects the body against bacteria by tangling them in a net, not poking holes in them, UC Davis researchers have found. Experiments with genetically-modified, or transgenic mice were crucial to the discovery, along with cell cultures, biochemistry and sophisticated studies of how small proteins assemble together. It's an entirely new mechanism of … Continue reading Natural Antibiotic Casts a Net Against Bacteria

Speaking up for CNPRC

The following article appeared in The Aggie, a stujdent run newspaper at UC Davis. It is good to see students willing to diligently explain the reasons behind the use of animals in medical research [Tom] Two weeks ago, during National Primate Liberation Week, activists on the quad protested against the use of non-human primates at … Continue reading Speaking up for CNPRC

Reminder: SR on Radio today!!

Today, Friday 8th, between 2-3pm, Tom Holder will appear live on Capital Public Radio (90.9 KXJC), to be interviewed by Jeffrey Callison on the program “Insight“. The interview will last 20 minutes at some point during the hour of 2-3pm. Also, earlier in the day, at 12:00 noon, Holder will be speaking to students and … Continue reading Reminder: SR on Radio today!!