Reminder: SR on Radio today!!

Today, Friday 8th, between 2-3pm, Tom Holder will appear live on Capital Public Radio (90.9 KXJC), to be interviewed by Jeffrey Callison on the program “Insight“. The interview will last 20 minutes at some point during the hour of 2-3pm.

Also, earlier in the day, at 12:00 noon, Holder will be speaking to students and scientists at the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) Seminar Hall (part of UC Davis). Any students of members of the public willing to attend should RSVP to Some more details can be found here.

The talk will be recorded and hopefully will appear in some form on the website or youtube.Keep an eye on the Calendar page for updates.



Interview on Insight available to download here

One thought on “Reminder: SR on Radio today!!

  1. To clarify – that radio interview is 2-3 pm PACIFIC time Friday (5-6PM on the U.S .East Coast – the rest of you in the world can do your own math. Enjoy!

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