Community Outreach: Talking about the animals

Many of us that work in biomedical research often are confronted with the dreaded question: “What do you do for a living?” The anxiety of the inevitable conversation about animal research can be palpable. One may ask, “Do I tell them the truth and get into a debate about the ethics of animal research? Or … Continue reading Community Outreach: Talking about the animals

A Curious Tale: Researchers and their Animals

Below is an account of how one researcher (Scicurious from the Neurotopia blog) views her animals, and the lengths she goes to ensure their welfare. Although such relationships vary from researcher to researcher, this account is almost certainly one which many researchers and animal care technicians will sympathise with. Scicurious (blogging pseudonym) is currently a … Continue reading A Curious Tale: Researchers and their Animals

Animal Care Technicians

Many misconceptions exist about exactly how animal research is conducted in laboratories.  Some of the misconceptions come from a lack of awareness whereas others come in the form of intentional misinformation on the part of animal rights groups.  Successful research relies on the dedication of many individuals with a variety of roles, from primary investigators … Continue reading Animal Care Technicians