Animal Care Technicians

Many misconceptions exist about exactly how animal research is conducted in laboratories.  Some of the misconceptions come from a lack of awareness whereas others come in the form of intentional misinformation on the part of animal rights groups.  Successful research relies on the dedication of many individuals with a variety of roles, from primary investigators … Continue reading Animal Care Technicians

Speaking in Nature

One of our own members, David Bienus, a animal care technician who recently wrote about his experiences of animal welfare in labs, has got his letter into the esteemed science journal Nature, a portion of which can be seen below: In your Editorial 'Against vicious activism' (Nature 457, 636; 2009), you call for scientists and the … Continue reading Speaking in Nature

Sea-kittens?! Truth can be stranger than fiction!

Our friends at PETA have decided that for far too long fish have gotten a bad rap. They have been thought of as slimy, cold and unfeeling creatures that deserve nothing better than to end up impaled on the hook of a blood lusting fisherman. To combat this image, PETA has renamed fish “sea-kittens”. Apparently … Continue reading Sea-kittens?! Truth can be stranger than fiction!