Pro-Test for Science – Thursday April 8th 2010 – Stand up for Science

Pro-Test for Science will march in support of lifesaving medical research at UCLA and beyond. The rally will start 11:30am Thursday April 8th 2010 at the corner of Westwood Blvd. and Le Conte Ave. at the UCLA campus.

ScienceBlogs fight for Research

In the run up to a Panel Discussion on animal testing, animal rights extremists threatened to harass a researcher's children at school, provoking widespread outrage by scientific bloggers across the world.

Standing Together: Widespread Support for OSU and its Research

Standing Together: Widespread Support for OSU and its Research

The Animal Rights Network Grows

A network of animal rights blogs has revealed its latest creation. The Negotiation is Over blog, the Thomas Paine's Corner blog, Stephen Best and the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, have come together and ...formed the Alliance for Progressive Science (APS) to attack Pro-Torture on both scientific and ethical grounds. - Negotiation is Over … Continue reading The Animal Rights Network Grows

CNN Debate

The aforementioned CNN debate can be viewed below: For Animal Research: Tom Holder - Founder of Speaking of Research P. Michael Conn - Associate Director of OHSU and author of "The Animal Research War" Against Animal Research: Peter Young - Animal Rights Activist Ray Greek - President of Americans for Medical Advancement Full report and … Continue reading CNN Debate

Pro-Test for Science website revealed

Check out for the updated website. Pro-Test for Science, previously known as UCLA Pro-Test, became a major story in April 09 when they held a rally in support of biomedical research, mirroring the tactics of Pro-Test in the UK. At the rally the Pro-Test Petition was announced, and we urge the public to add … Continue reading Pro-Test for Science website revealed

Pro-Test for Science: Pushing forward… and pushing back

It was warm and sunny Saturday evening when approximately 120 people gathered in support of the use of animals in biomedical research at the corner of LeConte and Westwood on the UCLA campus. Pro-Test for Science organized the event in response to a demonstration organized by Michael Budkie (Stop Animal Exploitation Now!) that was taking … Continue reading Pro-Test for Science: Pushing forward… and pushing back

Pro-Test for Science work to educate the public

Pro-Test for Science (formerly UCLA Pro-Test) are coordinating a gathering of like minded people this Saturday on the edge of the UCLA campus. Building on previous successes they aim to address many of the spurious claims made by animal rights activists. Speaking of Research urge anyone in the area to go and support them in … Continue reading Pro-Test for Science work to educate the public