CNN Debate

The aforementioned CNN debate can be viewed below:

For Animal Research:

Against Animal Research:

  • Peter Young – Animal Rights Activist
  • Ray Greek – President of Americans for Medical Advancement

Full report and analysis later.

Speaking of Research

One thought on “CNN Debate

  1. I thought Ray Greek came off fairly reasonable, although there were obvious holes in his arguments. I mean, chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so dogs aren’t valid test subjects for anything? Come on.

    Peter Young, on the other hand, came off as the raving ideologue. First he claims that few of the mink he released died as a result, citing the (ostensibly true) fact that there’s plenty of habitat for them out there since they’ve been trapped out of many areas. The only problem is, Young didn’t bother to transport the mink to those areas. Also, when domesticated animals are released, there’s usually a rehab process, especially with adult animals. Without that process their chances are pretty slim.

    Then he all but jumped through his webcam to call Conn and Holder liars. Pot & kettle at the very least.

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