Pro-Test for Science – Thursday April 8th 2010 – Stand up for Science

Press release:                                                                03/04/2010

Promoting Science and Rejecting Extremism

In 2009, Pro-Test for Science held an historic rally on the UCLA campus; bringing over 700 people onto the streets in support of the scientists and researchers who carry out lifesaving medical research using laboratory animals. Such research continues to advance scientific knowledge and plays a vital role in the development of innovative treatments for human disease. However, animal rights extremists have continued to escalate their threats against researchers and their families.

On Thursday April 8th Pro-Test for Science will respond by rallying students, scientists and members of the public to support the cause of medical science. We call on the community to stand together against the recent tide of animal rights activism which has worked to misrepresent research and coerce those that carry it out.

David Jentsch, founder of Pro-Test for Science, said:

The scientific community has joined together to push back against those who seek to stall advances in biomedicine. Never before has it been more important to continue these efforts so that humane biomedical research can continue unhindered by the misguided threats of a minority who oppose it.

This rally, on the UCLA campus seeks to:

  • Communicate a better understanding of animal research to the public, its importance  to medical progress, and what we all stand to lose if such work were to stop
  • Celebrate the successes of animal research in the development of treatments for disease, new diagnostic procedures/instruments, and surgical techniques.
  • Defend the rights of researchers to pursue their work free from harassment and intimidation.

The rally will begin on Thursday April 8th at 11:30 AM, on the north-east corner of Westwood Blvd. and Le Conte Ave., which will be followed by a march to Wilson Plaza, where speakers include UCLA Executive Vice Chancellor Scott Waugh and Dr. Kevin Quinn from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Please check and regularly for updates and further communications. For further information contact:

David Jentsch – – +1 310 825 8258

Tom Holder – – +1 310 498 0881

Notes to Editors:

  1. The rally will take place from 11:30am, Thurday April 8th 2010 on the north-east corner of Westwood Blvd and Le Conte Ave.
  2. Further speakers are to be confirmed
  3. Report of the 2009 rally:
  4. Pro-test for Science was formed in March 2009 by David Jentsch:

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