Call for transparent labeling of news and journal articles #InMice

June 21st 2021 Public misinformation and disinformation can only benefit from poor descriptions and inaccurate labeling. As we have pointed out over and over again, there is a desperate need, now more than ever, to provide accurate information to stakeholders concerning how, whether and why animals are needed for and used in research. It is … Continue reading Call for transparent labeling of news and journal articles #InMice

Animal Rights Bingo

Have you ever sat and listened to an animal rights activist speaking - on TV or a live debate - while you desperately grip your chair to stop yourself leaping out of your seat to challenge their every nonsense claim. "NO", you scream to yourself, "animal research does not cause adverse drug reactions!" Now we've … Continue reading Animal Rights Bingo

The #ARnonsense Effect

We are now one month on from the start of the Science Action Network, which aims to enable scientists to respond to misinformation from animal rights groups (AKA #ARnonsense). So how do we measure the effect of such a campaign? We tried to show some of the success we had in the first 18 days … Continue reading The #ARnonsense Effect

Defending science and countering falsehood at the University of Wisconsin Madison

PeTA celebrated a victory the past week when they obtained photographs of cats that are part of medical research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The work involves a small number of cats in studies that provide better understanding of hearing and that are relevant to improving treatment for human deafness. An explanation of the purpose … Continue reading Defending science and countering falsehood at the University of Wisconsin Madison

Gish Gallop

Gish Gallop is a technique, named after the creationist Duane Gish who employed it, whereby someone argues a cause by hurling as many different half-truths and no-truths into a very short space of time so that their opponent cannot hope to combat each point in real time. This leaves some points unanswered and allows the … Continue reading Gish Gallop

Introducing the Science Action Network

Speaking of Research and Understanding Animal Research (UAR) are proud to announce a new joint initiative - the Science Action Network. We aim to enable scientists to network together to provide both authority and public weight on discussions surrounding animal research. The Science Action Network Brushing your teeth – 25 minutes per week. Queuing – … Continue reading Introducing the Science Action Network

The Animal Rights Network Grows

A network of animal rights blogs has revealed its latest creation. The Negotiation is Over blog, the Thomas Paine's Corner blog, Stephen Best and the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, have come together and ...formed the Alliance for Progressive Science (APS) to attack Pro-Torture on both scientific and ethical grounds. - Negotiation is Over … Continue reading The Animal Rights Network Grows