I am Speaking of Research

Most of the people reading this blog will proudly announce that they are “Pro-Test”, but are you “Speaking of Research”? On several occasions hundreds of you have posted here to announce that you are Pro-Test. Well over 11,000 of you signed the Pro-Test petition to agree with our principles. Now it’s time to act, it’s time to be Speaking of Research.

You may have noticed that after a slow summer, SR has begun to ramp up its posting efforts thanks to an energetic committee of writers; the number of people viewing the website has likewise increased. Now it’s time to accelerate this process. There are three ways we want you to do this:

1. Share SR articles with your friends online!

Follow us on Twitter – and retweet our posts. Join our Facebook group, and share our articles with your friends (note the Facebook button on the bottom of each of our posts). Hell, just start telling your friends about this website – everything helps!

www.speakingofresearch.com2. Write for us at Speaking of Research

Have something to say about the important role that animals play in research – please help us! We need people to write about the latest advances in medical research, to deconstruct the latest misinformation by animal rights activists, to write about their experiences in labs – just drop as an email (tom [at] speakingofresearch.com) and tell us what you want to write about. Articles are usually a few hundred words (with a picture – everyone loves a picture!) – see previous posts for examples.

3. Start an SR chapter

Why not help spread information about research from your own city or university. We need people to help start SR groups – this can be as simple as a few friends trying to provide information to colleagues about the role of research, or somebody trying to organize a city-wide demonstration in support of research (only advised when activists have begun to step outside legal means to get their message across). We will be providing more information in coming weeks over how to start an SR chapter in your area.

So, in summary, it’s time to get sharing, it’s time to get talking, it’s time to be Speaking of Research.


Tom Holder