Speaking of Facebook

Once upon a time the likes of Facebook and Myspace were strictly the domain of animal rights groups. Then, in 2006, Pro-Test changed this by using many of these social networking tools to boost a more positive, pro-research message. Hundreds of members to its Facebook group quickly turned into thousands, and spreading the message of the importance of research became easier.

When Speaking of Research was founded in 2008, it also embraced the opportunities provided by social networks – Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and YouTube were all used to spread a better understanding of the role that animal research has in the development of modern medicine. Now Facebook has determined that the old-style groups are out, to be replaced by fan pages. Through this fan page we can keep people updated with the latest stories and news from the Speaking of Research website.

Once again it becomes important to show that you support animal based research.

So go to http://www.facebook.com/SpeakingofResearch and click the “like” button now (you must be logged into Facebook to do this)

Please urge other friends and relatives on Facebook to do likewise. There were over 600 members in the old SR group – I hope this new fan page will go a few steps (and people) further by expanding the ease at which we provide information to the general public.