The Value of Animals in Pre-Clinical Trials

In the early stages of development a new drug must be tested in a series of human clinical trials.  The earliest phases of trials aim to assess the safety and tolerance of a drug in human volunteers.  In planning such trials you face an obvious question: what initial dosage to use? Of course, you want … Continue reading The Value of Animals in Pre-Clinical Trials

Explaining Addiction Research

Dr. Larry Hansen, Professor of Pathology and Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego, recently wrote a letter critical of some of our research; the letter was posted to the website of an anti-science organization called “Stop Animal Exploitation Now” and appears to be in support of an anti-animal research demonstration to be conducted … Continue reading Explaining Addiction Research

Whatever happened to dialogue?

One of the goals of Speaking of Research and Pro-Test for Science is to communicate facts and information about the responsible use of animals in biomedical research.  A second, equally important goal, is to try to understand the impediments to dialogue and establish a two-way conversation with animal activists and members of the public that are truly interested in … Continue reading Whatever happened to dialogue?

Good news on HIV prevention – thanks to animal studies

A once-a-day pill is effective in preventing HIV infection, according to two big new human studies released last week. This could add a preventive pill to the toolkit of HIV prevention, alongside condom use, abstinence, and vaginal microbicides. Of course, these human trials would not have been possible had the drugs not been first shown … Continue reading Good news on HIV prevention – thanks to animal studies

Animal Testing Poll – Let Your Voice Be Heard

The British broadsheet newspaper, The Guardian, has a poll on its website about views on animal testing - please go and show your approval for this important tool in the development of modern medicine: No need to sign up to vote, however you will need to if you intend to leave a comment as … Continue reading Animal Testing Poll – Let Your Voice Be Heard

Putting Public Polls in Perspective

Research!America, a not-for-profit public education and advocacy alliance, has been polling the public on their views on animal research for the last decade. In 2011, when asking whether people "believe the use of animals in medical research is necessary for progress in human health", found: At first, these results may seem positive - twice as … Continue reading Putting Public Polls in Perspective

PR: Progressive Response

The Metro, a free UK newspaper read by around 3.5 million British commuters each day, today showed why the British public do not find animal research a particularly contentious issue. In less than 200 words,The Metro reported on the use of naked mole rats in the fight against cancer. The naked mole rat has an … Continue reading PR: Progressive Response