Lighting the Way to New Treatments

A variety of diseases in humans happen when proteins with important cellular functions are lacking or are produced in abnormally low amounts. One example is type-2 diabetes mellitus which is caused by a complex set of problems involving the use of sugars (mostly, glucose) as an energy source. After eating, sugars in food are taken … Continue reading Lighting the Way to New Treatments

Compliance at Work

One of the core principles at SR is that animal research should be conducted with the utmost care, responsibility and respect towards the animals.  All personnel involved in animal research should strictly follow the pertinent guidelines, regulations and laws.  Unfortunately, as in all human endeavors, there are isolated individuals who sometimes fail to adhere to … Continue reading Compliance at Work

Have No Fear, Mice Are Here

This nice report from PBS Chicago describes how researchers at Northwestern University are using mice to study post-traumatic stress disorder, and get at the basic mechanisms of fear. They already have positive results with experimental drugs that could eventually be used to treat people and prevent traumatic memories from taking over their lives -- whether … Continue reading Have No Fear, Mice Are Here

Survey: Your Views On Research

I was recently contacted by a member of the University of British Columbia Animal Welfare Program, who invited our members and supporters to complete a survey on the use of animals in science. The survey should take about 10 minutes and requires you to sign up (shouldn't take long). So when you have a few spare … Continue reading Survey: Your Views On Research