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Try out the new Media / Downloads page (subsection of “links”).

On this page you will find:

– A Basic Powerpoint Presentation that you can use to teach others the contribution of animals in research

– The YouTube video explaining the role of animals in research

Graphs that help put animal research in perspective

Promotional Pictures of Speakingof Research on Tour

Pictures of animals in actual laboratories

Interview of Tom Holder on the Dave Ross show

– and more…

We are also looking for scientists to help contribute to the science updates that this website regularly includes on the blog. If you think you could write a short (500 word) piece once every couple of weeks on a recent medical development made possible through animal research then contact



One thought on “Downloads Page

  1. Just in case any busy scientists are put off by the thought of having to submit an article every two weeks…as if grant applications, poster abstracts, journal paper submissions and student assessments are not enough to keep us busy…this is the ideal. We would be delighted if you could send us interesting pieces of research or news about medical advances whenever you can.

    We’re also delighted to hear about interesting stories that you don’t have time to write about yourselves, much as we’d like to we can’t read every newspaper and scientific journal that’s out there!

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