National Primate Centre shows off its monkeys

We were sent some wonderful pictures of monkeys (mainly macaques) to share with our readers. Thank you to Kathy West and the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) for these pictures. Images like this play an important part in letting people see the conditions that animals are kept in at their research facilities. These photographs … Continue reading National Primate Centre shows off its monkeys

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

Pictures paint a thousand word, and Paint can put a thousand words onto a picture. This is what Understanding Animal Research (UAR) have been doing recently with a series of infographics. The first example is this wonderful Resume of Laboratory Mice, which notes their contribution to medical advances, including the Nobel Prizes won. UAR also … Continue reading Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

Downloads Page

Try out the new Media / Downloads page (subsection of "links"). On this page you will find: - A Basic Powerpoint Presentation that you can use to teach others the contribution of animals in research - The YouTube video explaining the role of animals in research - Graphs that help put animal research in perspective … Continue reading Downloads Page