Have you been targeted – Don’t back down, Speak out!

As violence continues to dominate the animal rights agenda there are plenty of scientists and researchers who are more than happy to stay out of the spot light. We see articles in local news and student papers containing statements from police, activists and occasionally university officials, but the voice of scientists and researchers is sadly missing. We see strong condemnations of violence, calls for tougher legislation, but no explanation of why animal research is necessary for modern medicine – no wonder students are flocking to join AR movements when no one explains to them the truth behind the groups they support – that although they may support animals, they are fundamentally misanthropic in nature.

SR calls on scientists to write to their local paper, their student paper, their own blogs,  to explain why we need animal research. “I am Prof. X and I believe that animal research is crucial because…” (I advise you don’t actually call yourself Prof. X, unless you want to sound like a Bond villain). Last week we published an article by an animal care technician who explained the importance of his job. We are llooking for researchers, technicians and students to stand up and contribute your own views to the website. So contact us now and start writing.