PETA’s Mixed Martial Assault on Scientists

Video games have had their fair share of controversies over the past few decades. Games like Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 have all caused some measure of public outrage for their depictions of violence. However all three games had two things in common – they do not suggest they … Continue reading PETA’s Mixed Martial Assault on Scientists

Are scientists sadists?

Scientists working with animals are often accused by animal rights activists of being ‘monsters’, ‘murderers’, ‘sadists’ and worse.  On the other side, animal rights leaders see themselves standing on a moral pedestal above the rest of the population, while simultaneously inciting to violence against fellow human beings they have never met.  The contradiction is lost … Continue reading Are scientists sadists?

Understanding migraines: The blind leading the…err…rats

Chances are that you have either suffered from migraine yourself or have a family member or close friend who have, after all about 1 in 8 of us will suffer from migraine at some stage in our lifetime, and some sufferers experience repeated debilitating episodes over many years . While headache on one side of … Continue reading Understanding migraines: The blind leading the…err…rats

Who’s Afraid to Talk about Animal Research?

The first post in a series that highlights different approaches to science outreach and education, particularly those focused on research with nonhuman animals.

Basic science is fundamental science

I continue my series on some of the misconceptions of biomedical science (previously looking at the limits of fMRI and computer simulations) with a look at what basic science is. Some scientists devote their entire lives to understanding and describing key experimental phenomena in their fields of study: that is, they engage in “basic science”.  … Continue reading Basic science is fundamental science

Are you Pro-Test? Sign the Petition!!

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Why are we marching?

At a banner making session today (Monday) I decided to ask a few people why they were planning on attending Wednesday's rally. Here are a handful of responses I got: My dad survived leukaemia, my mum survived ovarian cancer, all thanks to chemotherapy - which was developed in animals. Everyone knows at least one person … Continue reading Why are we marching?

Have you been targeted – Don’t back down, Speak out!

As violence continues to dominate the animal rights agenda there are plenty of scientists and researchers who are more than happy to stay out of the spot light. We see articles in local news and student papers containing statements from police, activists and occasionally university officials, but the voice of scientists and researchers is sadly … Continue reading Have you been targeted – Don’t back down, Speak out!