Stand up for Research at UCLA – April 22nd !!


Storm clouds are gathering for a clash of wills during the upcoming World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Animal Rights groups are organizing a rally at the UCLA campus on April 22nd, but their lies and misinformation will go unchallenged no longer. UCLA Pro-Test, an organization of students and scientists is gathering on this very same day for a Pro-Research, Pro-Science demonstration to stand up against animal rights extremism and explain the crucially important role than animals play in medical research.

David Jentsch, and a number of other scientists who have also been the victims of animal rights extremism in California have decided to take a stand. With the support of Speaking of Research, and Pro-Test UK, they are organizing a demonstration to show that the students and scientists of UCLA and its neighbouring universities support animal-based medical research.

On Wednesday, 22nd April 2009, at 11:30 we call for all students, scientists and members of the public to make their way to the UCLA campus and meet at the junction of Westwood Blvd and Le Conte Ave.  Stand up for Science, Research and the Medicines of Tomorrow – Stand up and have your voice heard at the UCLA Pro-Test rally!!

Keep updated through our new UCLA Pro-Test page on this website!

Will you play your part? Not only are we looking for the silent majority to find their voice and march with us, but also for a few motivated individuals to get involved and help us get the word out. Anyone interested should contact us at, and we’ll make sure you get in touch with the right individuals.



This movement now comes with its own Facebook Group (as every good movement should)  so join it now and invite your friends today. The word must spread!

One thought on “Stand up for Research at UCLA – April 22nd !!

  1. Tom:

    I think it is great that you are making a rally-call to support animal testing. It means that the “extremists” are finally causing some concern. However, beyond mere labels, and beyond the extremism and propaganda on both sides, there is room for rational discussion. Defending all animal research as “justified” is just as absurd as condemning all research as “pointless.” Unfortunately, the attitude that many animal researchers project is an absolute certainty in the rectitude of their positions. That’s not terribly dissimilar to the attitude of some activists. I hope you will concede that absolute certainty is best left to religion, not science, and therefore, science should embrace discussion and challenge as an inherent part of the process of expanding human knowledge.

    Not all research is valid. Just so, few people discuss the waste of lives, rather than the loss of profits when studies are shown either invalid or inapplicable. If one doesn’t assume that animals are here to use or waste as we please, if one assumes that life itself has some value, then science must balance the impact and demand that researchers be accountable for the loss of lives they cause. Most researchers, IMHO, dislike having to justify their research on any level, much less a slippery one that involves morals.

    Might I suggest a compromise for both sides? Perhaps a bit more transparency in the manner in which animals are used, kept, and treated; perhaps a willingness to allow animal activists the ability to verify treatment conditions; perhaps a willingness to admit when animal research is inappropriate, redundant, or unnecessary? And, in return, I would suggest that the animal “activists” keep an open mind regarding the positive research that’s been done and has saved lives in many instances, and a willingness to accept that some research may be necessary for the benefit of all lives.

    “Have fun storming the castle”


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