HSUS Donations Scandal

ABC recently ran an expose on HSUS donations – how HSUS have misled the public over their relations with the local humane societies (which run local shelters):

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Check HSUS’s annual budget yourselves (part 2). Of a little over $100 million they receive in donations, only around $6 million (6%) goes towards local humane shelters. The rest is used to make the case for animal rights on the hill.There is also some suspicion surrounding where money for certain projects has gone. Be under no illusion, HSUS is an animal rights not an animal welfare organization.



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  1. Compare with Salvation Army and Red Cross, how much do the
    Presidents or Ceos make per year?

  2. HSUS is a complete fraud. Don’t believe me? Look at their IRS tax returns to see where the money is really going. It’s disgusting. Now they are begging for 25,000 dollars for their campaign against IHOP? Are you kidding me? The have a yearly 100,000,000 dollar operating budget not too mention 200,000,000 dollars in cash reserves. Again, LOOK AT THEIR IRS TAX RETURNS FOR THE REAL STORY HERE. Thank you.

  3. John Grandy of HSUS has admitted they have a witness to the killing of mute swans in the Chesapeake Bay by DNR people and helpers.They knew about this in Fenruary and did nothing then nor since!
    The manner in which they kill the birds is on the books as a felony in the state: They round them up, put them in sacks, pummel them with hammers to the head and then take them out and use long handled bolt cutterson their necks, killing them,of course. THIS IS RIGHT ON THE HSUS WEBSITE, under “Frequently asked questions?”but they have done nothing.
    I filed a brief with the Attorney General, because I am
    a swan expert, having worked for them for the last
    twelve years and winning MBTA coverage for them in 2001, with my friiend, Joyce Hill (HillvNorton) I have had two articles approved by major ornithological organizations and recently had one printed in a
    publication of Society of Canadian Ornithologists.
    My research shows they were here in 1585,drawn by the first European artist to document flora and fauna
    of Virginia. HSUS has the Canada Geese egg killing cotracts and wanted to get the mute swan contracts,
    but of course there will not be any more mute swans on the Chesapeake Bay, because they are all under a death sentance, created from lies by zombies who work for the agencies. HSUS should be cited as a co-conspirator in these felony killing as they knew about them and did nothing. That is a BREACH OF THE PUBLIC TRUST!!!!! Anyone who wants to work on this, should look at Savethemuteswans.com, look at my paper and then contact me.

  4. H$U$ does not SUPPORT or is AFFFILIATED WITH local humane society shelters as their name may suggest. They are the WEALTHIEST animal activist group in the nation. It is disgusting how they spend the donations of unsuspecting donors. Only 4 cents of every dollar donated goes to hands-on caring of animals. Don’t believe me? Look at their public tax return posted on their site and do the math. It’s all about power and money with this “charity”, not about taking care of animals. Own the truth.

  5. I’ve noticed on TV lately there have been a lot of commercials for the HSUS. To be fair, they don’t actually say they support local shelters but it’s misleading at best.

  6. Tom — Our analysis shows that 3.64 percent of HSUS’s expenditures in 2007 were donated to hands-on pet shelters.

    Best regards,
    David Martosko
    Center for Consumer Freedom

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