Top Websites on Animal Research

There have been many new and old websites that cover the facts on animal research – many of which can be found in the links section. Here are some of the ones I’ve found particularly helpful and informative:

Animal Research InfoAnimal Research Info is possibly the most comprehensive source of information on the web regarding the role that animals have played, and continue to play, into our understanding and treatment of a wide variety of diseases. Particularly good sections include their Timeline of lifesaving research, the explanation of the role that animals played in each Nobel Prize, a look at the drug development process and the part in which animals play, and a information on each type of animal that is used in research. In short this website is hands down the best research tool for those interested in learning more about animal research.

Understanding Animal ResearchUnderstanding Animal Research (UAR) is a new UK organization which merged the Research Defence Society and the Coalition for Medical Progress. They are also the brains behind the AnimalResearch.Info website (above) and their main website is almost as informative. What really makes the UAR website stand out is the large amount of photo and video footage of animals and labs. They provide a large amount of information of how animal research plays a part in the medicines we take for granted all around us, as well as dispelling some of the common AR myths.

Americans for Medical ProgressAmericans for Medical Progress provide some great information on how to go about speaking up about research.There is also 3 days left until their Michael D Hayre fellowship ends (see our post) and you can order a free DVD on research from them.

Animal Research for Life

Animal Research for Life is a flash-based website from Europe which is available in English, French and German. As a flash site I cannot link to individual sections, but I fully suggest investigating the section on the 3Rs and alternatives, as well as the photo gallery which includes many pictures from inside animal laboratories.

Animal Research for Life is no longer active – Feb 2016

The more observant might see that 3 out of the 4 websites above are based in Europe – and with websites as good as these it is no surprise that the public in these countries is generally much more behind research than in the US. If we cannot provide the general public with the facts about research then we will fail to bring them over in support of animal research.

This is a selection of some of the best sites on the web, however other websites often have particularly great individual pages on their websites. So it is worth looking at Pro-Test’s ethics section, Foundation for Biomedical Research’s in-depth look at vaccines, and some of the Neuroscience videos available from the JOVE website.

Keep making the websites!



One thought on “Top Websites on Animal Research

  1. An American website that I recommend is the Breakthroughs in Bioscience site run by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB).

    FASEB is a comprised of 22 major scientific societies whose combined membership adds up to more than ninety thousand scientists, and is active in the arena of science education and advocacy.

    While they are not focused on animal research, FASEB has a much broader mission, the essays on the Breakthroughs in Bioscience pages provide plenty of excellent examples of the crucial role that animal research has played and continues to play alongside other methods in developing new ways to treat and prevent disease.

    FASEB also ran the Today’s Science Tomorrow’s Cures site during the election that has plenty of useful information and tips on advocacy.

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