Hayre Fellowship Deadline Extended – Will You Support Research?

There are many ways you can support lifesaving research. You could sign the Pro-Test Petition, you could join the SR Facebook group, or you could get out there and start something yourself! UCLA scientists and students stood up for research, why don’t you!

Due to the UCLA Pro-Test march Americans for Medical Progress decided to extend their application deadline for the Michael D. Hayre Fellowship in Public Outreach to May 15th (about two weeks time). The program is aimed at students and young adults (18-30)  who feel that they can help improve the public understanding of animal research. Successful applicants will receive a $5,000 stipend, as well as the full support of both Americans for Medical Progress and Speaking of Research. Click the image below for more details (or here). The deadline for applications is April 30th May 15th 2009.

Hayre Fellowship

The AMP/Hayre Fellowship program seeks to find and support college students and young adults here in the United States who are just as frustrated by the domination of animal rights rhetoric against biomedical research and who are committed to making a case for the necessary and humane use of laboratory animals in the pursuit of treatments and cures.  As an AMP Hayre Fellow, by developing innovative outreach programs for your peers to lead them in making an informed decision about this issue, you will be helping to secure the future of medicine.

I was the first Hayre Fellow, in 2008, and I used the opportunity to create the Speaking of Research website, however you have an advantage – you need not start from scratch. I hope you use the fellowship for both local and national campaigns including (I hope) using and expanding this website, and I plan to work closely with any successful applicants to help take Speaking of Research from strength to strength. I have also been asked by AMP to help decide who will be the new Hayre Fellows for 2009, and look forward to seeing your proposals.

The action or inaction of scientists, researchers and students will determine the future of animal research, and with it the future of medical progress – are you prepared to make a difference?


Tom Holder