Pro-Research message starts to spread across YouTube

For a long time YouTube has been the home of animal rights activists showing montages of outdated experiments in an attempt to misrepresent current research. However times are changing and so I’m going to take a moment to show you a few of the videos which support research and the researchers on the web. Speaking of Research were among the first of the organizations supporting research who began to use YouTube to spread our message, with videos debunking Peta, showing primate facilities,  and our best video – a general explanation of the crucial role of animals in research:

However we are not the only ones doing this, here are several other great videos. The first is made by Americans for Medical Progress – their Chairman, Dr. John Young, a veterinarian at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, took some cameras round his lab:

See more AMP videos on their YouTube page.

The Foundation for Biomedical Research have produced a series of one minute “survivor tales” of patients and scientists whose lives have been saved through research:

Finally a veterinary technician at UCLA produced a series of videos of the Pro-Test rally at UCLA – my favourite of which was part 3 (see also parts 1, 2 and 4):

So there you go, some videos that are in support of lifesaving medical research. Nonetheless if you type “animal testing”, or even “animal research” you get a set of videos which are 95% against it – it’s up to you to bring balance!


Tom Holder