ALF’s clever website trickery

The ALF web person has been up to some fairly deceitful tricks. Look closely at the screen shot below from the ALF website (Warning: AR Website). The article is about two scientists who have apparently been barred from their university. The interesting thing to note is the link to the Speaking of Research committee webpage at the bottom of the article.

ALF Website
ALF Website

Now I had never heard of Dr. Contreras or Dr. Judith Thomas before I read this webpage. They have certainly never been affiliated with, or even ever contacted, Speaking of Research (SR). If you have a look at the Committee webpage on this website you will not find either of those names on the list of SR committee members.

Sadly this is yet another example of misrepresentation. The ALF have tried to take a rather cheap shot at us by insinuating a (nonexistent) link between SR and these two scientists (and whatever negative activities they may have been involved in). Why else is a link to our committee list at the bottom? Well the ALF can continue their silly misrepresentations and SR will continue to try and unravel them for what they are.


Tom Holder

For anyone interested in reading more about the two scientists, Dr. Stemwedel, in her blog Adventures in Ethics and Science,
has written a piece about the Thomas and Contreras which I personally agree with.