Mending a Broken Heart

An interesting item in the news today about research on repairing the damage to the heart caused by a heart attack. The report in PNAS can be read by those with a subscription at: While there have been several attempts to bioengineer cardiac tissue for transplant  in vitro using starting from cells seeded onto a scaffold, … Continue reading Mending a Broken Heart

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower…

... it seems we should never underestimate the depths to which the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) are prepared to lower themselves to.. A few weeks ago we covered the arson attack and graverobbing aimed at Novartis CEO, Daniel Vasella, where a family urn was stolen by animal rights extremists (see our new AR: Extremism section) … Continue reading Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower…

Open Letter to Dr. Greek

This is a copy of a letter written to Dr. Greek long ago (July 2003) in response to his request for a written contribution from me.  Everything I say in this letter is the honest truth of what I think now, as I did then, with regard to cognitive neuroscience in the non-human primate.  At … Continue reading Open Letter to Dr. Greek

Animal Care Technicians

Many misconceptions exist about exactly how animal research is conducted in laboratories.  Some of the misconceptions come from a lack of awareness whereas others come in the form of intentional misinformation on the part of animal rights groups.  Successful research relies on the dedication of many individuals with a variety of roles, from primary investigators … Continue reading Animal Care Technicians

Animal Rights Extremism – Explained!

Given the recent rises in animal rights extremism both in the US and elsewhere, SR has decided to dedicate a page to animal rights extremism and how we can tackle it (AR Extremism) - so have a read and tell us what you think. This new page deals with four important questions: What is animal … Continue reading Animal Rights Extremism – Explained!

Federal Agencies rebut Michael Budkie’s misrepresentation of scientific research

On June 1st, Michael Budkie, Executive Director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (Warning: AR Website) (SAEN), issued a press release that was picked up by some media outlets, including United Press International (UPI) and USA Today. The press release read in part: The next industry meltdown may be in the nation’s research laboratories, an independent … Continue reading Federal Agencies rebut Michael Budkie’s misrepresentation of scientific research

Animal Liberation Front Strike in the US

It is not just Europe that has been struck by the recent spate of animal rights extremism (to which the North American Animal Liberation Press Officer responded, "We personally can only regret that Mr. Vasella was not present in the home when it burned"). The US has seen a number of attacks which have taken … Continue reading Animal Liberation Front Strike in the US

Basic science is fundamental science

I continue my series on some of the misconceptions of biomedical science (previously looking at the limits of fMRI and computer simulations) with a look at what basic science is. Some scientists devote their entire lives to understanding and describing key experimental phenomena in their fields of study: that is, they engage in “basic science”.  … Continue reading Basic science is fundamental science