Personal Touches – Scientists speak from the heart

The Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) recently started to broadcast the following one minute video clip, entitled “Larry’s Story”, of why researchers do what they do, and why animal research is crucial for their work.  It is a great step to see FBR showing the human side of researchers – ordinary people trying hard to alleviate the suffering of others across the world.

This video, and others produced by FBR, is an important step in allowing the public to connect with the work researchers do. Not long ago Americans for Medical Progress made their own videos showing how animal research was crucial to veterinary medicine. This video feature John D. Young, Director of Comparative Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre talking about how animal research was crucial in saving the life of his dog valentine.

I encourage you to log into YouTube and leave high ratings for both videos. Hopefully more and more scientists will follow suit and get their name out there.


Tom Holder

One thought on “Personal Touches – Scientists speak from the heart

  1. Heart disease does of course have a genetic source in some cases but the western diet which is full of animal products combined with lethargy, smaking and alcohol are all far more significant. Animals do not have to be abused to bring morbidity down, exercise, a healthy vegan diet and the cessation of smoking would all contribute enormously. Those who cannot be bothered to take such measures to protect their health should not expect innocent creatures to die for them.
    As for the dog? It is akin to someone experimenting on other babies to save their baby which many would if it was the only way to save one they loved. It is a warped morality which allows the abuse and murder of someone who is healthy to save the life of someone who is sick. It reminds me of how in China healthy prisoners are shot so that their organs can be bought by sick rich people

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