Pro-Test for Science – April 8th 2010

Dear Friends,

In 2009, Pro-Test for Science held an historic rally on the UCLA campus; this event brought over 700 people onto the streets in support of the scientists and researchers who carry out crucial medical research using laboratory animals. Animal research continues to play a vital part in the development of scientific knowledge and modern treatments for human disease.

Pro-Test for Science is once again taking to the streets for this all-important cause; with that in mind, we are calling upon you to stand together with other members of the community in supporting the crucial efforts of researchers on this campus and to condemn those who try to block medical progress with threats, harassment and intimidation tactics.
This rally, on the UCLA campus seeks to:

  • Communicate a better understanding about animal research to the public, its importance, and the what we all stand to lose if such work were to stop.
  • Celebrate the successes of animal research in the development of treatments for disease, new diagnostic procedures/instruments, and surgical techniques.
  • Defend the rights of researchers to pursue their work free from harassment and intimidation.

The rally will begin on Thursday April 8th at 11:30 AM, on the north-east corner of Westwood Blvd. and Le Conte Ave., which will be followed by a march to Wilson Plaza, where members of the UCLA family and representatives from the National Institutes of Health will speak to the incredible advances in human health and welfare that have come from animal research.

Please check the news section and regularly for updates and further communications.

Join us to make this second rally at UCLA an unprecedented event in scientific activism!

Pro-Test for Science Committee

David Jentsch, Dario Ringach, Tom Holder, Lynn Fairbanks, Kathy Wadsworth, Megan Wyeth, Jennifer Perkins

The 2009 Pro-Test for Science rally was a huge success

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  1. Okay, enough immatureness. Please be honest. Tell the truth. Post photos.

    All I ask for is some honesty here. PHOTOS. PROOF. Not some Joe Blow saying “Terrific!”


    Show me, please. I’m asking politely, nicely and I’m asking because my son, a little child, really wants to know. YOUR SITE in IMPRESSIONABLE, and children like him WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. He is THREE and HE UNDERSTANDS. There are plenty of intelligent children in this world who understand what is going on in their world. Give them the facts, and while here, I suggest you give them the facts on their level.

    Kids are the future. Don’t mess that up!

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