No Scares for ONPRC Monkeys at Halloween

Well people are always bugging us to include more footage from biomedical facilities – here is something recently released by ONPRC:

It was nice to see this story appearing on CNN’s iReport.

“Last week, monkeys at Oregon Health & Science University’s Oregon National Primate Research Center enjoyed a pumpkin feast.  In what has become somewhat of an annual tradition, monkeys living at the center received locally grown pumpkins.

Each fall, members of the primate center’s animal care staff purchase or obtain donated pumpkins to give to the monkeys. The seasonal squash is considered a favorite treat by the animals, which also receive other fruits and vegetables year-round. About 100 pumpkins were provided to Rhesus Macaque monkeys and Japanese Macaque Monkeys.”

It is good to see ONPRC trying to get information out there to the public.



3 thoughts on “No Scares for ONPRC Monkeys at Halloween

  1. Wait, this can’t be right. All the internet AR sites claim that research primates are all in constant and excruciating pain 24/7. Clearly this is faked. Like the moon landing….

  2. Is it really noteworthy to you that this appeared on iReport? Anyone can post anything on iReport – so it doesn’t signify that this story is at all meaningful or interesting. You may as well say “it was nice to see this story appearing on YouTube.”

    In fact, given that this video appears to have been posted by primate center PR shill Jim Newman, what you really mean is “it was nice to see the Oregon Primate Center release another bit of propaganda.”

    Here’s some more footage from ONPRC:

    And here’s what Jane Goodall thinks of this facility:

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