Speaking of Statistics

We recently updated the statistics page of the website. Here are the highlights:

  • The numbers of dogs used in research was at its lowest rate since measurements began in the 1970s. The current figure is less than 1/3 of its number in the late 1970s.
  • The number of cats used remains at a general low (up very slightly from its historic low in 2009). The figure of 21, 578 is considerably smaller than the 74, 259 used in 1974.
  • Primate research has risen slightly over the past decade, in part due to increasing amounts of research into neurodegerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, which is expected to affect four times the number people in 2050 as it does today.
  • Cats, dogs and primates together account for around 0.60% of animals used in research, making 2010 the fourth year this percentage has fallen.
The number of animals covered by the Animal Welfare Act used in medical research since 1973. This graph does not include the use of mice or rats.

Check out the statistics page now for more information