Every Success is a New Challenge

Speaking of Research is getting its message out. The last few months have seen a huge surge in the number of readers of our blog. Alexa Rankings now puts us as the highest ranking dedicated pro-animal-research website. We put this success down to a number of things:

1. You – Sharing our posts – on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+, by email – the opportunities for social networking are seemingly endless these days.

2. You – Linking to our posts – from your websites, your blogs, and the websites of the research facilities you work for.

3. You – Writing our posts – there has been a huge rise in guest posts on our blog. From researchers, primatologists, and other advocates for vital biomedical research.

SR has grown dramatically over the last six months

Thank you; your support has been vital to our recent success. Nonetheless, the challenge is great.

Speaking of Research’s Alexa rank is #2,641,005 (whereas, say, Google is #1 as the most visited website). This may be the highest of the pro-research websites, but it pales in comparison to the traffic from websites who fight against medical research using animals.

PETA – #9,144
HSUS – #41,531
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – #94,068
Animal Liberation Front – #303,564
Animal Liberation Press Office – #985,313

So, in order to put right the misinformation propagated by many of the above websites, we ask for more from our readers. We challenge you to:

1. Share one of our posts each week, through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or other social medium of your choice

2. To link to our post from your blog, or for the researchers among you, to make sure your institution has a link to us.

3. Write a guest post – “Why you support medical research on animals”. It needn’t be long; it would be great to just have a few responses we could string together into a new post.

We’re doing our part – are you doing yours?


2 responses to “Every Success is a New Challenge

  1. I’m afraid that our standards are rather higher than PeTA’s (i.e. we have standards) , so no nekkid wiminz.

    If you’re lucky we may feature some nekkid mole rats one of these days…


  2. Nice! Maybe if you used more nekkid wiminz you will get more visits like PeTA.