Of Mice, Rice, Flies and Men

Animal rights activists often argue that animal models are irrelevant for human medicine, because they are ‘so different’ from us. But in fact some basics are shared across wildly distant species – something that the Nobel Committee acknowledged last year when they gave the Prize for Medicine and Physiology to Bruce Beutler and Jules Hoffmann … Continue reading Of Mice, Rice, Flies and Men

Do your Share – Animal Research Education

School visits about animal research have usually been the domain of animal rights groups like HSUS and PETA, however a new program is set to challenge that. Scott Dobrin and Elizabeth Burnett, with the support of Americans for Medical Progress' Michael D. Hayre Fellowship, have built a program for schools which aims to address the … Continue reading Do your Share – Animal Research Education

An Open Letter to the Laboratory Animal Veterinary Community and Research Institution Administration

The decades following passage of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act in the 1960s are marked with wide-ranging and significant changes to the administration, oversight, and responsibility for daily operations of institutions engaged in laboratory animal research. The intent of the legislation, and the central purpose of the accompanying and continuing changes, is to best ensure … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Laboratory Animal Veterinary Community and Research Institution Administration

The Freedom of Speech Paradox

The world is a complex mix of competing views. Politicians and pressure groups have fought long and hard to find a balance between the desire for free speech, and the need to limit the voices of extremism and irresponsibility within our communities. Few would condemn the arrest of someone who shouts "fire" in a crowded, … Continue reading The Freedom of Speech Paradox

A Proposal for the Labeling of Medicines

In a recent poll conducted by Zogby, 2,100 adults in the U.S. were asked the following question. Do you agree or disagree with medical and scientific research that requires lab animals? The results showed  a similar outcome to that of other recent polls. About 52% of the population approve of animal research in various degrees, about … Continue reading A Proposal for the Labeling of Medicines

Ignorance or Deception?

Animal rights activists may want to start cooling down their engines. Apparently, by 2050 we can expect the complete elimination of animal use in science. At least, this is the prediction made by Dr. Andrew Rowan, Chief Scientific Officer of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in a recent article that appeared in … Continue reading Ignorance or Deception?

Fanning the flames of fear

Over the New Year’s weekend, the people of Los Angeles were gripped by a rash of arsons that targeted vehicles and homes. The fires sent people scurrying from bed in the middle of the night, with children in arms, in a desperate attempt to avoid harm. An understandable fear gripped the community, with people parking … Continue reading Fanning the flames of fear

Being Humane

There are differences. Humans can transcend their biological lives in ways that other animals cannot. Humans can study, understand and challenge nature by means of technological might, in ways other animals cannot. Humans can store knowledge in perpetual form and secure its benefits for all future generations, in ways other animals cannot. Evolution resulted in our … Continue reading Being Humane