The moral relevance of human intelligence

Animal rights proponents often assert that “sentience” is the only morally relevant characteristic. In their view, we owe the same moral consideration to all sentient living beings, which must include the same basic rights to life and freedom. The animal rights philosopher asks -- Why does it matter if humans can compose a violin concerto … Continue reading The moral relevance of human intelligence

Gish Gallop

Gish Gallop is a technique, named after the creationist Duane Gish who employed it, whereby someone argues a cause by hurling as many different half-truths and no-truths into a very short space of time so that their opponent cannot hope to combat each point in real time. This leaves some points unanswered and allows the … Continue reading Gish Gallop

Introducing the Science Action Network

Speaking of Research and Understanding Animal Research (UAR) are proud to announce a new joint initiative - the Science Action Network. We aim to enable scientists to network together to provide both authority and public weight on discussions surrounding animal research. The Science Action Network Brushing your teeth – 25 minutes per week. Queuing – … Continue reading Introducing the Science Action Network

Challenging Animal Rights Groups at Student Orientation Week

As another academic year begins many animal rights groups will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of attracting dozens of new members during the Student Orientation Week (Freshers' Week in the UK) at their local university. Brightly coloured stalls with free gifts, vegan food and animal rights literature will appear on university campuses world-wide. … Continue reading Challenging Animal Rights Groups at Student Orientation Week

Parkinson’s Patient Meet the Marmosets

Understanding Animal Research has produced a fantastic video (below) showing Geoff Butcher, a Parkinson's patient, going to a medical research laboratory to discuss some of the latest animal research models used to treat his disease. Parkinson's affects over 120,000 people in the UK, and over 1 million people in the US, with many millions more … Continue reading Parkinson’s Patient Meet the Marmosets