ScienceWhiskers tells the story of the mighty mouse

ScienceWhiskers is a blog dedicated to the “scientific contributions of the mouse.” The blogger, highlights a wide range of topics. Recent examples include how the brain controls eating behavior to a study that may point the way to a male contraceptive pill.

It’s a relatively new blog. An entry dated August 10, 2012 welcomes readers to learn about “everything mouse related in the world of science.” The blogger’s aims are:

 . . . to keep you updated with new research using mice and its impact on science


. . . to try and educate you on the use of mice in scientific research and how much this wonderful small creature has helped contribute to science and what we know today.

The blogger also explores ethical implications of research, such as the study in which scientists created mouse eggs from stem cells. He/she also highlights resources such as Shared Ageing Research Models (ShARM), which keeps a database of current research on aging in mice in the U.K., as well as tissue bank of samples. This, as the writer points out, can help to reduce unnecessary duplication of the research.

The blogger is also to be commended for the tone of the essays, which is conversational and informative. This looks to be a helpful resource. Keep up the good work.


3 responses to “ScienceWhiskers tells the story of the mighty mouse

  1. Sciencewhiskers is definitely a cool blog plus the records are very well compiled. Worth following. I am by far not a expert of rodents however I did desire to underline the contribution of analysis mice in this short article – hope your audience think it is useful.

  2. Sciencewhiskers is indeed a nice blog and the entries are well written. Worth following. I am by far not a specialist of rodents but I did want to underline the contribution of research mice in this article – hope your readers find it useful.