Camille Marino is Over!

Camille Marino, the animal rights extremist behind the Negotiation is Over organisation/website (currently down) was sentenced to six months having pleaded guilty to “Unlawful Posting of Message with Aggravating Circumstances” and “Trespassing”.

Her sentence comes after a campaign against the Wayne State University researcher Donal O’leary in which she flaunted earlier bond conditions to post further details about O’Leary.

Marino was sentenced to six months by the Wayne County Court
Marino was sentenced to six months by the Wayne County Court

Marino has long been known to police after campaigns of harassment at the University of Florida. She has brought widespread condemnation among the scientific community for her targeting of students (see below) as she stated:

When we attack professors, we can only expect limited gains. They are deeply entrenched in the holocaust, have vested financial interests, and enjoy a network of support and protection. Students, however, have no round-the-clock police protection, no access to the FBI, and no access to legislators. The weakest link in the chain is the student body. Vivisectors-in-training can be shut down with relative ease.

Screenshot from NIO website
Click to Enlarge: Screenshot from NIO website

Speaking of Research congratulate those that stood up to take legal action against her extremism. It has no place in our democratic society.


Tom Holder

7 thoughts on “Camille Marino is Over!

  1. Camille Marino is NOT over and NIO is still alive and well! All the harm she has done? What harm did she cause by posting the TRUTH about O’Leary’s cruelty to that poor innocent dog, O’Leary said he was scared Good, Let him feel fear like the innocent animals have at his evil hands! I live with Dystonia, and I would never make an animal suffer for a cure for me, Your monsters, horrible, evil, selfish, ego maniacs who will do anything for money. Camille sits in jail because she is exposing the torture that goes on which is simply not acceptable to normal, empathetic, human beings. You can’t stand people knowing what you do, the endless suffering you cause. I hope your all first in line if a superior life form comes to earth and needs a cure for a disease they have! Just so you know, you can lock up Camille, try to silence her but there are many willing to take her place. Many that will risk their freedom to do what’s right!

  2. I sincerely hope NIO stays offline, I’m just sorry she is only getting 6 months after all the harm she has done in her utter fanatacisim

  3. Goodbye Camille, your idiocy finally caught up to you. Broke and broken is what you are now.

  4. And Animal Testing as no place in society either. I hope her time is short and she gets back to trying to make the world a better place for animals. Shame on anyone who supports torture of animals in the name of psuedo science.

    1. I disagree wholeheartedly. Animal research has a very important place in society. For example, the development of Levothyroxine which is a synthetic form of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. Thyroxine was first isolated from the extracts of hog thyroid glands and then later synthesised. Because there is Levothyroxine I’m now cancer free after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

      Want another example? OK. Ten years ago my mother-in-law passed away from a malignant brain tumor. There is now early information that suggests the implementation of a ketogenic diet in conjunction with radiation therapy may help in the treatment of malignant brain tumors. These studies are being done using a mouse model. The Ketogenic diet is also showing possible implications for the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

      More? A recent study using a rat model showed that stimulation of a dopamine receptor in a certain part of the brain may help block the recall of memories associated with traumatic experiences. Now, imagine what that could mean for those suffering from PTSD? PTSD is often triggered by the recall of the traumatic event. Here in the US our soldiers have been in combat for over 10 years. Some soldiers have endured multiple deployments to the war zones. PTSD is a very real problem for many returning soldiers but can happen to anyone that experiences a traumatic event.

      I could go on but now it’s time for you to explain what specifically is the psuedo science.

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