What if animals could tweet?

Georgianne Nienaber, a political and investigative reporter for the Huffington Post, posted an article entitled “What if Lab Animals Could Tweet?” The  article was prompted by a recent Gallup poll showing an increase disparity in the moral acceptability of “medical testing on animals”.  Younger people, in the 18-34 years bracket, showed a decline of about 19% … Continue reading What if animals could tweet?

Frequently Asked Questions up on Website

We have just put a new FAQ up on the website which covers five of the most frequently asked questions we get about animal research. They are: Aren’t animals different than people? Don’t we have alternatives to animal research? Is all research on cats, dogs and primates? Don’t the animals suffer in experiments? Who cares … Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions up on Website

Pro-Test Italia Stands up to Animal Rights Activists

Animal rights activism has long been on the rise in mainland Europe. Nowhere had this been more true than in Italy. In April 2012, activists stormed the Green Hill breeding facility and “liberated” a number of beagles from the facility. Since then they have threatened and harassed pharmaceuticals and breeders. In April 2013, five animal … Continue reading Pro-Test Italia Stands up to Animal Rights Activists