What would you do?

We understand. There is a segment of the population that opposes the use of animals in medical research and basic science.  Their reasons vary.  Some think all sentient beings ought to have the same basic right to life and freedom as any other human being. Some believe that the work amounts to scientific fraud and … Continue reading What would you do?

The British Government sets out a positive future for animal research

Today, the British Government set out its pledges on the future of animal research under the current Coalition Government. A joint paper put out by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, the Department for Health, and the Home Office entitled "Working to reduce the use of animals in scientific research" laid out the future … Continue reading The British Government sets out a positive future for animal research

I Pro-Test for Science

Please leave your messages of support including your full name in the comment section at the bottom of the page (no sign up necessary). We must show our fellow scientists that they have our support. Names in the comment section will be added to the signatures at the bottom of the post. When researchers are … Continue reading I Pro-Test for Science

Stop Harassing Scientists!

Harassment is the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, but in the case of animal extremists it consists of personal malice, their attempt to force scientists engaged in legal, regulated research to quit their job, and to merely … Continue reading Stop Harassing Scientists!

Animal Testing and Greek Mythology

Ray Greek has been held up by the animal rights community as a standard bearer for the “animal research doesn’t work” movement. While his arguments appear credible at first glance, they quickly fail under scientific scrutiny. In this post we take a broad look at the arguments made in his key work, Animal Models in … Continue reading Animal Testing and Greek Mythology

Join Pro-Test for Science to End the Age of Terror!

We will be counter-demonstrating: When: February 15, 10:15am sharp! Where: Franz Hall Lobby @ UCLA (near Hilgard and Westholme)  http://maps.ucla.edu/campus/ Why? Somewhere in the United States, there is a scientist reporting data that says that humans are causing the world to warm at an alarming rate. In return, he receives email death threats. In another … Continue reading Join Pro-Test for Science to End the Age of Terror!