A new year resolution for the new academic year

As many students and faculty begin the new academic year, there is a resolution that all of us need. To be more open about animal research and how we are involved in it.

Possible ways to get involved:

Small effort (1 – 5 minutes):

Bigger effort (20 – 60 minutes):

We need your help – we need more people to get involved in writing for us – this can be through guest posts or by joining the committee and writing from within. Articles are generally 400 – 1200 words in length and can be . We need help writing about:

Could you provide photographs of animals from your lab – we need to show the world what animal research looks like. We will use them to help show the high standards of welfare in labs across the world.

animal testing, animal research, vivisection, animal experiment
An example photograph provided for Speaking of Research to use.

Large effort:

Have you considered joining the Speaking of Research committee. We ask that committee members provide a guest post for SR before they join. We are looking for keen scientists and animal welfare staff from across the world to help us keep ahead of the latest developments, support us in writing material for the website, and generally contribute to keeping Speaking of Research an organisation that can make a difference.

So what are you waiting for, tear yourself away from your research paper and get involved with helping our work in explaining the important role of animals in medical research.

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