Slovakia releases 2016 animal research data

Slovakia has become the first EU country to report back on the number of animal procedures it conducted in 2016.

There were 12,855 procedures on animals in Slovakia in 2016, a 5% decline from 2015.

Animal research in Slovakia for 2016 by species [Click to Enlarge]
Rodents accounted for over 95% of research procedures in Slovakia. Less usual, was that there were more rats used than mice – though this was not true in 2015. No dogs were used in 2016 (34 procedures in 2015), and the number of procedures on cats fell from 29 to 11. The main changes were a 13% fall in procedures on mice, and a 59% rise in the use of rabbits.

Looking at the severity statistics, we can see 52% were mild or non-recovery, with 46% moderate (up from 27% in 2015) and 1.2% were severe (down from 2.0% in 2015).

Severity of animal experiments in Slovakia

Other facts found in the 2016 statistics:

  • The most common use of research animals was Basic Research (71.3%), followed by Regulatory use and Routine Production (23.4%), Maintenance of breeding colonies (3.1%) and Translational/Applied research (2.2%).
  • Within the basic research, common areas of study were the Nervous system (30%), Reproductive system (16%) and Immune system (14%).
  • 99.67% of the animals used were bred within the EU
  • No animals were re-used.
  • 7% were genetically modified and 93% were not

Slovakia: EU Statistical Data of all uses of animals, 2015
Slovakia: EU Statistical Data of all uses of animals, 2016

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